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SwiftKey Note 1.6.4

SwiftKey Note 1.6.4 Free Download

free download

Forget about autocorrect fails with this cloud-based application


SwiftKey Note is a note taking app that allows you to write in a more comfortable way due to its artificial intelligence that predicts the next word you intend to type. It seems like something impossible because we are so used to having a lot of problems with the autocorrect feature of our mobiles and the misunderstandings they provoke. This software uses the same keyboard style that the Apple one, so you can feel free of worries about having to type in a different or complicate keyboard.

It offers a suggestion for the next word you intend to type. These suggestions appear above the keyboard, speeding up your typing. How does it know what you want to say? It’s easy. SwiftKey Note learns while you are typing. It means that the more you use the application, the better it will be.

This application learns your writing style and, later, it makes you suggestions and predictions of your possible next words

In addition, it allows you to enable the software with Gmail, Facebook and Twitter. SwiftKey Note analyses your writing style in these applications and improves its learning process. It also syncs what it learns in one application with the rest through its cloud-based feature. If you are an iOS user, it’s a bit more difficult to enable it. Instead of that, you can download the Evernote plugin, for example, and use it without any problem.

Type faster and tag your notes

One of the most common problems that we have nowadays is the time we spend with the autocorrect features. They were created to help us but, in some cases, it’s just something that bothers and annoys us because we have to go back and re-read every written word. In that case, we have to say that SwiftKey Note is a great alternative. You can type faster because its autocorrect feature works really well.

In addition, this note taking app allows you to save your notes in notebooks so as not to lose anything you type. It also lets you add tags to have every related topic in a collection. For example, you can write a note and add ‘House’ as its tag. Then, when you want to know everything that you have written related to your house, you just have to click on it, and SwiftKey Note will display every note that includes ‘House’ tag. It’s really simple and intuitive!

SwiftKey Note 1.6.4 Features

SwiftKey Note includes the following features:

  • Create a notebook to save every note in a pack and avoid losing a thing
  • Enhanced autocorrect feature which suggests you the word you want to say according to what you have written before
  • It makes next-word predictions based on what you wrote before
  • Predictions are able in up to 3 different languages at once
  • Ability to connect it with Gmail, Facebook and Twitter if you’re an Android user or download the free Evernote plugin if you’re an iOS user
  • Connect every related note with tags to find the one you need at any moment
  • It uses Apple’s keyboard style, so you don’t have to learn a new one

If you want to read more about this note taking app, feel free to do so on the developer’s website

System Requirements

If you want to download SwiftKey Note, we recommend you read the system requirements beforehand:

  • iOS 6.0 or later is required
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

free download


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